[T3] type 4 2000cc oil pressure and overheating problem

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Fri Dec 9 07:46:24 PST 2011

Hi Pablo, welcome to the Type 3 list. I hope we can help.

I don't have much Type 4 experience, but I still have a couple of 

1) Check the oil pressure relief valves. Make sure that they have the 
correct springs and that the pistons are not stuck in the bores.

2) I'd try a lighter oil, like 10W-40. That will provide more flow 
and will carry more heat away from where it is generated. In spite of 
what everyone thinks, oil pressure is not nearly as important as oil 

3) Make sure the thermostat linkage is set up correctly and that the 
vanes are opening as the engine warms up. Type 4 air control vanes 
are more complicated, so don't assume that everything is working. 
Check them.

4) Make sure that the engine is drawing in COOL air to cool itself. 
I'm not sure how your cooling airflow is set up, but it must not be 
allowed to suck in warm air. Some Type 4 engines use a large foam 
seal around the edges of the engine area to keep hot exhaust air on 
the underside from getting back up to the top side where it can get 
sucked in and reheated. You don't want that; you want only fresh, 
cool air coming into the intake.

5) Make sure your distributor advance mechanism is working. You can 
test this with a timing light. You should see the timing marks move 
(vacuum hoses off) as you increase the engine speed.

Good luck, and keep us posted.


On 9 Dec 2011 at 12:21, pablo vial de ruyt wrote:

> Hi, i from Chile and looking for real empirical experience, need help
> for oil temp problem with my automatic Westfalia 1978 (stock 2000cc,
> type 4 - dual carbs solex 32-34 pdsit-3), my interest is only summer
> use with long travels with my family (need fiability) ....temp range
> in my country in summer is 75-95 Fº. Rebuilt 20 or 30 type 1 engines
> without problems, but first experience with a type 4. Is second time
> rebuilt my engine in 2 month.....first time (without fuel pump push
> rod install) overheating and melted after only 40 miles
> run......possible causes: plugs white lean, timing incorrect 10-12º
> btdc, 7,8 CR, possible low oil pressure, etc....Now i rebuilt again
> (very expensive) crank completly machined 0,25 and check, new
> bearings, new piston and barrels kit, heads ok, and install
> aftermarket Schadeck oil pump (1829 CB performance for type4/914) fit
> ok , holes alignment, but difference size holes oil pump, 7,3 CR , 3º
> btdc to 850 rpms with 28 max (without vacuum hose connected), and
> increase 125 fuel jets to 140 size....This time installed oil pressure
> and temp gauge for better control. 

> First check:
> Runs very well but 20 minutes or 3 miles 195 Fº oil temp...with 10-40 psi oil pressure range.....
> Second check:
> With 88 Fº exterior temp........20-50 psi cold engine oil pressure.......and hot:
> 70 km/h 
> 2500 rpm
> 7 idle - 25 psi max oil pressure
> 230 Fº oil temp
> 20W/50 oil
> After highway road to my house oil temp 240 Fº and oil pressure max 20 psi.
> Check again timing and without vacuum hose 28º max....with vacuum hose 35º aprox.....and 3º btdc idle.....idle is fine???
> Considerer this.......but need make sure correct position cooler flaps 100 open and need jets recommend for dual solex 32-34 pdsit-3, now installed 140 mains, idle 52,5, airs 160, stock rest. 
> My fear is overheating again.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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