[T3] type 4 2000cc oil pressure and overheating problem

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Sat Dec 10 12:42:27 PST 2011

I hear ya, but there are several successful Notch applications of 2056's and
bigger but none (that Jake knew of) in a Square or fasty.  Yea, it doesn't
SEEM to make sense, but no changes in timing or mixture would have much
affect at all on highway running temps, and the cooling system was check
over many times to make sure it was working properly.

It would run fine around town, and it would take a half hour to get too hot
on the highway but even when it was only 40F out that engine STILL ran too


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Also, I  don't understand what it is about the Type 4 intake that 
provides "forced  induction." It's been years since I dealt with one, 
and this is not an  aspect I paid any attention to, but the Type 4 
squareback louvers and  ducting strike me as pretty much the same as 
those in the Type 3  squareback.

The notch ducting is a lot more convoluted. Are you under  the 
impression that the area behind the notch rear window is a high  
pressure region? Is this true? I wouldn't expect this, but I don't  

I agree. Especially when you look at the bus louvers, and that the lower  
half of the engine is sealed in a bus, so it's just drawing in air from all

around the engine compartment (mixed hot and cool air).
If you look at the cooling slots under the rear window of a Notch, you'll  
see that area is actually slightly smaller (surface area) than the 2 sides 
of a  Square, or Fastback. It's also a low pressure are like the front air 
vent (in  front of the windshield), so it's not pressurized. It (a Square) 
should actually  have better cooling air intake flow than a Notch. I don't
IF you've ever  looked inside the Notch cooling ducts before, but there's 
actually dams inside  the duct work. I don't know what they do, other than 
maybe divert water toward  the drains. But they do stand up to about 1/2 the

duct work. :O 
What makes you think the t-3 fan is 2 stage? I know the belt pulley has  
vanes in it, but I've always thought they were to straighten out the air
into the large fan.  

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