[T3] End Play Ick

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Sat Dec 17 21:06:15 PST 2011

On 17 Dec 2011 at 18:58, Know One wrote:

> So, how bad is end play of .014"?

It all depends one WHY it's so large.

Take the flywheel off and see if there are 3 shims in there. There 
should be exactly 3.

If you have 3 shims, using both thumbs, push HARD on both sides of 
the main bearing thrust surfaces. If the main bearing moves, it's 
loose in the case.

Then, while one person holds a finger on the main bearing, another 
person pushes HARD on the fan end of the crank. If the main bearing 
is felt to move, it's loose in the crank.

If the main bearing is loose, the only solution is a complete 
rebuild, an align bore, and new main bearings that are oversize on 
the OD. Don't take a chance on driving around with a loose main 
bearing. That can turn dramatic and expensive without warning.  

If the main bearing is not loose, then you should be able to select a 
different set of 3 shims that will put the free play in the right 

On your '67, there should be an O-ring in the socket that accepts the 
end of the crank, but there should NOT be any shim, gasket or seal 
between the end of the crank and the flywheel. If this was an earlier 
engine or crankshaft that got installed years ago, then things might 
be different. If this is not an o-ring flywheel, then you have 
earlier parts and it can be really hard to be sure of what you've 

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