[T3] End Play Ick

Know One knowonelse at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 17 18:58:35 PST 2011

I took my engine out to replace the front seal as it was leaking constantly, but not quite enough to get onto the clutch. Took it to the local VW Tech Day to get an assist in removing the gland nut. The flywheel and clutch plates showed a bit of overheating.

Before we got around to removing it, I remembered that I should check the end play. Someone there had a flex attach dial indicator under the front seat, so we checked it. Recall that it should be at a max of .006".

Mine was between .014" & .015". I stopped there and didn't remove the flywheel pending discussion.

History of the motor is murky (although all on my watch, so I can't blame a PO). It was rebuilt over 25 years ago, it was used for a 100 mile per day commute in hot conditions, continuously overheated so got parked, family stuff got in the way and the car sat for about 14 years. I've been gradually getting it back in order the past few years, so rebuilt heads, cleaned it up, got it running. Speedometer wasn't working for a few years, so I have no clue as to the mileage. Odds are that it's easily over 50k miles. A recent compression check showed that it ranged from 110 to 120.

So, how bad is end play of .014"?

Dig in and replace the seal hoping is works better than now?
Park it until I can afford a rebuild?
Door number 3?
Keep driving it and replace oil as needed?

Jeff '67 Sqbk

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