[T3] Brake Lights

Bryon Garvin spinningrooves at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 10:30:39 PDT 2011

I was thinking Mike was right so I went out to the car to check.  Without
the key on, I had no brake lights.  Turned the key on....and STILL no brake
lights!!!  ?????  How long have I been driving around with no brake
lights!!!???!?  This is not good.

So, I pulled the lenses off and looked at the bulbs.  They were both good.
 The most recent work I did on the brake system was adjusting the pedal
stop.  I am 99.999999999% sure I got that right and even if I did mess it up
and the push rod did not have proper play, then the brake lights would be on
constantly, right?

So.....flashback to last summer; I had the entire system apart but it was
reassembled and worked fine.  This was the point at which I bought the Meyle
switches which we later discovered were manufactured improperly.  If you
recall, it wasn't until recently that Jim heard from Meyle and they fixed
the problem, now manufacturing the switches correctly.  But at that point, I
had no choice but to find a different brand of switch.  I went with Euromax.

Ok, so until I can get home tonight (without getting a ticket I hope), I'm
left wondering why I have no brake lights?  All I can think is that the
switches went bad ?  Am I missing something else altogether?  I am going to
get under there, pull the connections, have my wife step on the brake and
see if the switches are indeed doing their job.

Why would both brake lights not work when they were, up until recently?

 - Bryon, '71 Fastback

On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 2:06 PM, C. Rochambeau <crochambeau at gmail.com>wrote:

> "I thought Brake Lights would still work with the key off?"
> Not mine.
> "I have 12 volts at the fuse box, but not at the brake switch (none at all
> six) or the rear terminals."
> I believe you need to see 12 volts on the switch at master cylinder before
> you'll see it at the brake lights. Since you have it at the fuse box, it
> would appear the disconnect is at the wire between fuse and master
> cylinder.
> I'd test it for continuity, maybe it's just a disconnect at a crimp
> connector or some such.
> Good luck,
> c
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