[T3] A new T-34 owner?

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On 1 Jul 2011 at 22:56, Dave Hall wrote: 

> I wonder what differences there are in the original VW mountings - the rear 
> outer has a large plate underneath, but I don't know what the ones going 
> into the tunnel, sill or C-post have. 

There's another large plate for the 2 rear inners. 

There's a long oval insert/plate inside what amounts to the bottom of 
the "B" pillar for the front outers, at least the lower part. I 
wouldn't be surprised if VW used the same part for the upper front 

I've never seen what's inside the tunnel for the front inners, but it 
may not be much because I think that's a much heavier piece of steel. 


The reinforcement in the tunnel is about 1" x 3".  Jim is right, doesn't need to be as big since the tunnel parent metal is considerably thicker.  You get a sense of the size by looking a the pictures I linked to, since that section of the tunnel is the one I used to make the lower anchor point reinforcements on the Ghia. 


John Jaranson 

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