[T3] Coil, Calipers, and Front Beam

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Tue Jul 5 02:52:28 PDT 2011

Sounds like ignition fault.

You removed the distributor ISTR - did you re-engage the dog drive on the
bottom?  Is the dirstributor pushed down fully?  I spent a while puzzling
over it with a camper once, and I'd not got it down properly.

Check points gap exists, check distributor cap has the carbon brush in
place, check the shaft rotates when the engine is turned, check the wires
are on the coil OK, check the condensor is mounted securely and earthed by
the casing and mounting screw, check the wire braid on the baseplate is
attached, check there's a little spark when the points are opened while the
ignition is on, check you have 12V on the black wire to the coil.

If this all checks out, it might be your coil, I suppose.

UK VW Type 3&4 Club

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> > I have looked all around and not seeing anything.  Does the timing 
> > light good enough to tell whether you are not getting spark, thought it
> A timing light with inductive pickup will tell you whether you have 
> spark. Check all 5 cables.
Nothing at any of them, as I thought I stated earlier. ;)

> Turn the key ON and listen for the 2 relay clicks. Go to the engine 
> and depress the throttle; verify that you can hear the series of 
> clicks as the throttle valve opens. If you hear those clicks, it 
> pretty much confirms that the FI is working.
I have the two relays, T.P.S. clicks, fuel pump runs when the connector in
the back is grounded, trigger points trigger fuel (can hear it), and I am
getting fuel as after a bit of cranking I can smell it.

Thank you,
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