[T3] Coil, Calipers, and Front Beam

Adriel Rowley adriel_rowley at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 9 19:44:10 PDT 2011

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> Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2011 21:01:45 -0400
> Subject: Re: [T3] Coil, Calipers, and Front Beam
> Sounds like you made out well with getting a good beam, they are worth their
> weight, fantastic!
I think I did, as still have one or two type three rim(s) to sell and reduce 
the cost.

How much would a bare beam or a complete beam minus ball joints?  I have 
another good beam that I disassembled and did not have time to get all 
together; was easier to slide the parts out and just wipe them down than to 
check angles, assemble all the spindle/brake parts, and re-grease the entire 

> Yea, they are a real pain to install, you need to grease those rubber
> bushings real good and mush everything together, good to get grest around
> the beam anyway as they tend to rust out there in the rust belt.
I did not grease the rubber...  Well, know next time, but hope never to need
it myself.  Luckily I am not in the rust belt, but by the ocean where there 
is salt air all year round so where water is trapped things rust and the rest 

Can I use a tap to re-thread the center body mount?  Looks like the first 
threads are damaged which is odd considering how careful I am...

I got a chance to get the tires back on the ground, and with a fairly full 
tank of gas and about 8 p.s.i. front tires (went flat fairly quickly and 
sitting did not seem to help), height at front wheel arch is 24 3/4" so seems 
I did get the torsion bars in the right position without angle guide. ;) 

All that is left for Monday is tap out the mounts, get everything but top 
mounts bolted,  install the steering box, coupler, tank, pump, lines, and the 
tie rods.  Then I can see about getting her running. ;D  Itching to get her 
running, getting it aligned, and seeing how much of a difference it is.

Thank you,

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