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>>You should pick up a $5 Remote Starter Switch from Harbor  >>Freight. They
can be invaluable, when testing/tuning your  car.

How does a Remote Starter Switch connect?
Apparently, it  "bypasses" the Steering Column Starter Switch so you can
start the car (in  neutral, for sure) from the rear of the car.

Is the OEM, built-in  switch turned to the "RUN" position?  And then the
solenoid on the  starter is activated by the Remote Starter Switch?

Is the R.S.S. a  "temporary harness" that is 10' long, or so?  Or is it (or
can it  [should it] be) hooked into the car (semi) permanently?

For $5.00,  everyone should have one!

Yes it "by passes" the normal starter side of the ignition switch.
To actually start AND run the car, the ignition switch would need to be in  
the "on" or "run"position. Yes, otherwise only the starter is being 
energized,  and the motor is turning over.
Yes, this is a "temporary harness" set up, not meant to be left in place  
permanently.It can be left in the trunk though.;^) For something more  
"permanent", I'd add a heavy duty push button switch somewhere, either inside  the 
car, or in the engine compartment.
For that price I'd have to agree, but I don't own one. Never really needed  
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