[T3] Brake issues....

James Lingenfelter jimmyandcher at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 21 07:43:01 PDT 2011

Thanks; these are things I'll have to check. To clarify, since the  
drums have been replaced, they're no longer sticking or dragging.....  
and the pedal actually felt great, and they stopped great, BEFORE  
replacing the drums. Now there's no more dragging of the rear brakes,  
but the pedal goes to the floor as if the rears are a mile out of  
I'm located in Houston, BTW.

On Jul 21, 2011, at 5:01 AM, Jim Adney wrote:

> On 20 Jul 2011 at 23:49, James Lingenfelter wrote:
>>   Hi everybody; I am in the midst of a brake system nightmare with my
>> '68 squareback, to the extent that I will be forced to sell the car
>> soon if I can not figure out what is going on and get it drivable.
>> The story: had a leaking rear wheel cylinder, took it to a VW shop;
>> So here's the current situation: new drums, shoes, and wheel
>> cylinders in the rear, adjusted to the max; front calipers were just
>> completely rebuilt/new pads etc. No air in the lines, no fluid loss
>> anywhere..... and the car is 100% unsafe to drive. What could this  
>> be?
> I really hate it when I hear stories like this, because it seems like
> there must be a simple problem somewhere that has been completely
> overlooked by an inept or unfamiliar mechanic. Or it's possible that
> it's not so simple. I can't help wishing you could bring your car
> here so we could get it sorted out in an hour or so. Where are you
> located?
> Given your description, I find myself wondering if there's a problem
> with the rubber brake hoses that lead to the rear brakes, or if the
> steel lines got kinked when they replaced the cylinders. Part of this
> SOUNDS like fluid isn't being allowed to flow freely back into the
> MC, so the brakes stay applied. OTOH, you didn't mention this as a
> problem before you took the car in.
> To test this, get under the car with a light and open a bleed valve.
> Fluid should run out freely. If it only comes out in slow drips or
> less, the lines are not completely open. Run your fingers over the
> steel lines, feeling for kinks or pinches.
> Could it be a simple matter of the brake parts being assembled wrong?
> The adjuster screws on the bottom have angled slots. The angles
> should face slightly up, not slightly down. Are all 3 return springs
> there? Are the parking brake parts installed right? Check where the
> parking brake cable ends protrude at the base of the parking brake
> hand lever. The ends should be sticking out about 3/8" or less; if
> they stick out significantly more, they're probably adjusted wrong.
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