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Gary Forsmo gbforsmo at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 19:43:43 PDT 2011

> So .... what I'm looking for is the BEST, USED, 1961 THRU 1972 Axle Beam
> from any T3; Notch, Square or Fasty?

To avoid surprises, you're really looking for a '69 or '70 Type 3
front beam.

> No other VW models will fit. Eh?

Right, nothing else is the same (or as good.)

OTOH, I still doubt if you need to go to this extreme, and I'm
concerned that you might be disappointed if you tried to go in this

If you REALLY want to do this, I may have a suitable beam here, but
it would be a bit of work to dig it out. And a LOT more work to
install it.
Well ........ The whole point of my asking these "naive questions" started

   - Looking for the cause of the front-end "shimmy" at 55 mph,
   - That led to my returning to the tire shop that sold me the new radials
   last summer;
   - and asking them to
      - re-check the balance on all four tires by spinning them ... again
         (two were out-of-balance);
         - rotating the tires to put them in a different position on the
         - check for a possible bent wheel (none were bent)

In that process, the shop (actually the VW Bus-guy who has taken an ACTIVE
interest in my '69 Squareback T3) in checking the ball joints, tie-rods,
grease in the beam (BTW:  The VW Bus-guy knew to look for the grease Zerk on
the rear of the axle beam on the left side; and the Zerk on the front of the
axle beam on the right side.  I thought that was right-smart.) we found the
beam is pretty "rusty".

Knowing the wheel bearings were adjusted correctly we looked at the linkage.

A technician "rocked" the tire/wheel by grabbing the top and bottom as we
watched the movement of the ball joint.  Then he "rocked" the tire/wheel by
grabbing the front and rear as we watched the "play" in the upper ball
joint, again.  We decided the bolt in the ball joint needed to be
tightened.  That done; another test drive and the "shimmy" was all but gone.

After reading the Bentley book Re: the Axle Beam: Jim, your comments about
"a LOT more work to install it." is a point, well taken.  I'll have to
reconsider, going THAT route.  If I still decide to replace the Axle Beam, I
may call on you.

First, to have you look at my beam; then to determine if a beam that you
have is appreciably better than what I currently have in my Variant.  Don't
go "digging" just yet, please.

Goal: Being SAFE, traveling down the road!  For me and others.

Gary "Frito" - '69 Variant, FI, MT
Lake Geneva, WI
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