[T3] Replacing Real Wheel Bearings

Doug Brashear dougbrashear at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 22 06:48:39 PDT 2011

Hello all,

I've been doing more of the rework on my '73 Fasty recently...I'm done with the 
major elements of the front end, and have now moved to the rear. What I'm 
wondering is:

- is it possible to replace the rear wheel bearings (e.g. at least the outer 
roller bearing) without removing the CVs, drive shafts and stub axles?

- does removing the CVs and axle merely involve undoing all the 6mm allen bolts 
and removing the assemblies? Or do I need to remove the transmission, and then 
all of this stuff from the car to do so? 

I was thinking it would be good to replace both the outer roller bearings and 
inner ball bearings, as well as regrease the CVs (they're fine otherwise), but 
want to make sure I allocate enough time to get the job done.

Thanks in advance!

- Doug
73 Fasty
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