[T3] Dual carb air cleaner

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Sun Jun 12 09:40:48 PDT 2011

I'm sure it wasn't done for that reason - more likely complaints from
servicing depts that taking the whole thing off meant it was easy to get an
oily mess.  The deeper Bug oil-bath probably was less critical - it's easy
to get some oil over the lip into the outer area with such a flat pan.

Removing the ends to give access to the carbs is a tidier way to go, though
with the rubber gasket being a bit prone to splitting, and spares being
scarce for quite a while  meant I've always removed the whole thing.

VW developed the 1500S engine with twin carbs for the Type 34 Ghia first - I
guess the reduced risk of smaller production numbers helped establish its
reliability before going to full production, but I don't know for certain.
That's quite a pattern for VW (maybe most manufacturers) to install
something new on the lower production item.  Most of the twin carb engine
parts are prefaced 34....

UK VW Type 3&4 Club

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On 12 Jun 2011 at 12:17, Dave Hall wrote:

> That's the one listed in the parts book up to about engine T0800,000 
> odd (end of 1970 model?) with the right-hand carb bit as part of the 
> centre part, before they had both ends removeable.
> The Type 34 part would be the same number anyway - but they didn't use 
> the one with separate right-hand end.

Interesting that it has a 341 part number. VW must have designed the dual
carb engine into the Type 34 first.  

Yes, this has a 2-part top piece. I didn't realize there was ever a 3- piece
version. I don't think I've ever seen one like that, probably because we
never got the late dual carb engines here.

Interesting that VW would make a version that allowed for flycutting the

If no one is interested in this, I'm gonna recycle the steel. Wasn't someone
looking for a replacement rubber coupler bit? That part is still good, and
probably useful to someone out there.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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