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>   Sounds like a nightmare.... what exactly do you mean  when you say  
> taking the door completely apart? I know i've  replaced type 1  
> scrapers before, but didn't remember it being a  big deal. I'm sure I  
> can modify a type 1 scraper to work, but  now I'm worried about  
> accessing it inside the door. I don't  know when I'll have another  
> free afternoon to tackle  this!

You have to take out the window glass, the vent window assy, the  
window mechanism, the window channel, and (I think) the lock assy.  
Then you take out the brite trim around the window opening and attach  
the modded scraper to that.

Then you get to put it all back  together again.

If you've never done it before, it's much more than an  afternoon's 

It's exactly the same as replacing t-1 scrapers. The inner door panel needs 
 to come off. Then the window regulator needs to come out, along with the 
window,  then the glass run channel and the clips, then the wing window, then 
the scraper  can be removed. It's the last thing out, and the first thing 
in. Note, when  doing the rubber replacement, try NOT to break the triangular 
 clips,  as the T-3 clips fit better than the T-1 pieces.But Jim is right, 
what you're  doing is replacing the rubber on the t-3 part, as nobody is 
doing a correct  replacement of the t-3 outer scraper (brite trim, or the 
rubber part).
Like I started to mention last night, you use the 1/8th in rivet (without  
the nail) to replicate what VW did, when they attached the parts together.  
You'll have the brite trim piece, then the rubber, then the steel support 
piece,  sandwiched together to make up the assembly. Using a steel buck, then 
you  flatten the rivets to hold the assembly together. This keeps everything 
nice and  tight, and doesn't eat space, as there's not a lot of room in the 
window slot  opening once everything is back in place.
The inner rubber scraper is a modified 68 on t-2 part (length, and hole  
location, as the t-2 wire is in the wrong hole pattern, so use the t-3 wire as 
a  guide for the slots).
After doing several t-3s over the years, this is what I've found. It does  
take some time to do this, but the end result is worth it.  

Bob 65 Notch  S with sunroof and IRS (Krusty)
64 T-34 Ghia  (Wolfie)
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