[T3] Source for '69 Taillight Rubber Seal

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I didn't  know that.  Is there a problem with getting them through ISP West?
Do  they up the cost considerably?  I can't see the Type 34 tail-light  
shown on their site, so maybe they're too expensive and too small a  market.
Looks like $20 at current exchange rates for the Type 34 tail-light  pair
from Simon over here.

I'm just looking at airline schedules for  June - maybe we can help out, but
I don't think I can bring a case full, as  the US Customs require me to
declare I'm not selling anything!  Maybe  I could find room for a few gifts

I got lucky, and was able to get ALL that Simon was offering for the t-34.  
It was late last year that he decided to have ISP wholesale for him. They 
get  their standard 100% mark up on his parts too. :O And since they've got  
their own version of the seal, I doubt they would carry his too, even if 
it's  better (mostly due to cost and inventory reasons).
I'd be interested in a set of early standard T-3 rear seals though.  I'll 
beta test them, as I'm in a "mild" climate. ;-)   

Bob 65 Notch  S with sunroof and IRS (Krusty)
64 T-34 Ghia  (Wolfie)
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