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It  sounds like Bob's experience with modifying the T1 outer scraper onto 
the  original trim is better than my trying the reproduction Brazilian ones 
with  rubber and trim all in one.  In the end, after struggling to get it to  
fit right (and actually messing it up in haste and rain...), I found that 
the  scraper left a 1/8" gap between the window and rubber.  I pulled it all  
back out again and upon closer inspection found that the rubber piece was  
actually considerably thinner than the original.  So, I wound up putting  
the old one back in and it's been doing OK (although not quite as well as  

The other thing I had some trouble with was removing the  long (goes up 
side and across top of door) felt channel.  Since I was  replacing mine, it 
didn't matter if it got bungled but getting it loose and  slid out of the long 
edge of the door (where it latches) was tricky.  All  in all, if it's your 
first time, I'd reserve a day's worth of time for it and  make sure you've 
got a garage or fair weather.

On my 65, it has the Brazilian rubber there instead of a bug rubber. It's  
also about a 1/2 inch short in meeting the wing window, due to the design of 
the  Brazilian type 3 it came from. I tried this back in 2001 when I was 
rebuilding  the car (using the Brazilian t-3 scraper), and quickly found the 
shapes were all  wrong. This led me to drilling the rivets and just using the 
rubber. It worked  out pretty good, other than being short. The next car I 
did, I used 68 and later  bug scrapers, and found that the rubber is 
slightly longer than a t-3 uses, so  it just needed minor trimming. That worked out 
The long glass run channel piece is really something that you want to keep  
t-3, as the bug piece is about 3 to 4 inches too short. It's not that big a 
 deal, other than it doesn't reach the last clip near the bottom of the 
door (on  the latch guard). Some 3M weatherstrip adhesive takes care of that.
But yes, replacing the door scraper does take some time to do. It's not  
just disassembling the door, but also the time needed to replace the rubber on 
 the scraper, before you can put it all back together.
Bob 65 Notch  S with sunroof and IRS (Krusty)
64 T-34 Ghia  (Wolfie)
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