[T3] car died on way home

Bryon Garvin spinningrooves at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 13:52:59 PDT 2012

> Try this: Turn the key on, and verify that both coil terminals (in
> the plastic housing) are "hot" (leave the wires plugged into the
> relay.)

Both were hot

> If that's okay, go to the engine compartment and use a wire to short
> between ground and the connectors inside that 2-wire connector in the
> engine compartment.That should make the pump run.

It did, the pump ran fine.

> If it does, remove the brain (again) and, under the same conditions,
> short wire 19 to ground. That should also make the pump run.

It did, the pump ran fine.

>  You DID tighten up the #19 connection to the PC board, didn't you?

Yes I did.  That didn't help.

Next, I got out the "test thru the harness" info I have.  I measured
everything I could without running the engine.  But I have some questions
about a few of the tests.

1) ECU Ground Circuit:  says it should read <0.5 ohms.  Mine read .6-.7
 --- Does this point to anything wrong?

2) ECU Power source from main power relay on regulator plate.  It says to
test "16, 24 and ground"  What does that mean?  Test 16 and ground, then 24
and ground?  I was confused about naming 3 points to check a voltage on.

3) ECU Control line for the fuel pump relay.  Says to check "19 and relay
plate terminal 3 (white plug, back left corner).  What is a relay plate
terminal 3 ?  Where is this white plug?  In the engine compartment?

So far, aside from not completing some of the above tests thru the harness,
it seems like the brain is the issue.  I can still run the primer switch,
start the car and keep it running as long as the primer switch is depressed.

Does anyone in Portland, OR have a "D" brain I can borrow for an afternoon
???  :)


 - Bryon, 71 Fastback FI/MT
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