[T3] car died on way home

Bryon Garvin spinningrooves at gmail.com
Sun Apr 15 15:53:45 PDT 2012

Been kicking this stuff around in my brain (no pun intended) all weekend.
 Is it possible that there is an ignition switch problem?

Is this correct?:

Turn key.....Brain reacts by running pump for 2 seconds.
If engine starts, brain then "understands" that engine is running and thus
runs the fuel pump continuously.

I assume that there is not an ignition switch wire that goes to the pump
relay under the dash.  Otherwise it would run all the time, even in an
accident, which it not what is desired.  If that's correct, then could
there be a problem between the ignition switch and the brain?  Seems that
either there is a problem in the brain (likely) or the brain is not
understanding that the key has been turned.

However, it also fails to run the pump when the engine is finally up and
running.  SO, maybe my thought process is wrong....

Thinking out-loud....

 - Bryon, '71 Fastback FI/MT

On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 2:54 PM, Bryon Garvin <spinningrooves at gmail.com>wrote:

>> Disconnect the points wire from the coil to prevent damage to the
>> points. With the brain disconnected and the key ON, use a jumper and
>> a small screwdriver to short wire #19 (in the brain connector) to
>> ground. You should hear the pump run.
> Jim, it occurred to me today that when I did this test, I forgot to
> disconnect the points wire.  So........... what's the bad news?  What kind
> of damage have I done?  Do I likely need new points?
> Also, any damage I might have done, would that affect my problem?  The car
> DOES run when I use the priming button.
>> Reconnect the points wire when you're done.  ;-)
> Moot point :(
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