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Adriel Rowley adriel_rowley at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 21 14:31:44 PDT 2012

I would have gotten to this sooner, but with all the makeup work from when I was out with the concussion and being an adult... Hard to find six hours to write the post. Trouble is details and days are all blurred together. So decided to make time, as a lot has happened since the last post. So, onto the update and a few pictures posted on theSamba!

First off, this will be the last time I work on it at Jack's. I wore out my welcome thinner than butter on a hot pan. Our personalities and religion (despite having L.D.S. family) were always clashing, and surprised I even was able to bring it back for another University year, for which I am very grateful. I had to bargain, but got until the 15th at 21:00 to get it out. I have a tow vehicle so as not to spend time getting the Squareback road legal. I rather not risk Jack putting it on the street with the keys in. Just need to pay up and get a dolly, which I should have done last Summer. Not sure where I will put it, but temporarily on the street at the egg donors house. If G-d blesses me with a house, I will tow it out to Arizona. I am done renting out here, as rent is in the nine hundreds per a month with no yard for my E.S.A. dog.

Second, I have decided on keeping the Squareback, because I found out it is unsellable. In my youth and inexperience, I bought something I should not have. I got hurt by emotions, and trying to avoid that again.

Third, I was able to do some work on the Squareback, but my wheels broke down the day before I was to leave and so was unable to finish. I made sure to be up by seven and out the door by nine so as get a full day in. It is almost running, just need to address the battery then get it road legal so as can drive it.

The first task I set about was correcting the ride height. I thought I set it all right, but did not realize how much the spring rate has on tape measure results. So I got me a proper tool called an angle level. At first, I thought something had sagged. So I went though the front suspension checking for looseness, and found all my ball joint boots are now shot after about ten months!  :shock: Is there a reason for this? 

Once I did not find anything loose, I checked all the toques. All was good. 

The next day I had the level. I wanted to be O.C.D. (for which I am truly diagnosed with) and figure out all the angles, but gave up when I found that different places on the arm would give different readings due to its taper. So what I did was rationalize and test it. I made note of the old angel comparing both sides; about the same. Then pulled out one arm, using knowledge from the Bentley to the lowering video, fiddled to find how many degrees approximately each spline is, and came up with she was down what looked to be two splines. So I raised both sides up by two inner splines, put it all right, set back on the ground, and worked the suspension a bit, and got this:

The next day I tried to get to the battery, but because of the front fender and door in the cargo area, could not get to it. So Jack and I came up with the plan of replacing the front fender and scrapping the other. Turned out to be a real pain as the wiring put up a fight and there are no instructions how to remove the antenna leaving the cable in the car. The reason I did not want to remove the cable as the routing is fantastic going though the body across and comes out again at the passenger side and did not want to damage the cable pulling it out. 

Found it interesting how much dirt was behind the headlight.

Had a bit of trouble getting the fender off.

I knew the outer fender was rusty, and expected the inner, but...

I now could see inside, I decided to see how bad it was form inside out.
Yes, that is daylight!  :roll:  :cry: 

I just cleaned this about two years ago, and look at the dirt!
I pulled the can and went at the whole area with a screw driver and ended up with some rust holes, the largest about an inch by half inch. I thought I had a picture, but do not find it... Interesting enough, the water did drain out the bottom, and it has no rust, even surface.  :? I would like to get the emissions system working again, but doubt it, as this is not working. I rather pollute than purposefully damage a classic auto.

I cleaned it up best I could without any power tools or supplies, and put on the fender.

Based on the condition, do you think I should try and drive her to the Invasion? Is anyone going from San Diego or Phoenix? I felt a bit left out driving a water pumper and thought by now I have her on the road. But, I let women run my life. Not sure how not to, but have to try.

How long do you think it would take a beginner to weld in both front inner fenders and one rocker skin? I can do ugly but decent welds thanks to Jack and Gizmo loaning me a rig for a bit. Trouble is, need to get my own. I rather not have to deal with gas due to space. Or, is this not an option?

My thinking is I get more out of getting good at welding and doing metal repair than selling it and getting something else. Am I being rational?

Could it be a daily driver? It seems every time I get it going, something goes wrong...  :roll: 

Thanks in advance for any help!


1971 Sunroof Squareback with F.I.- Located in Coastal San Diego County
Student, A.S.U. Tempe, AZ

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