[T3] car died on way home

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Tue Apr 24 11:28:31 PDT 2012

On 22 Apr 2012 at 19:08, Bryon Garvin wrote:

> Problem solved.  I got a D brain and plugged it in.  2 clicks from relays
> and it fired up.  Test drive was fine.  So the brain seems to have been the
> issue.  A huge thanks to all that helped me diagnose the problem.  Glad to
> be running again....and it's 80 today !

Sounds good, guess this narrows down the problem.    ;-)

> I have a question about my new brain....it looks like it has been opened.
>  Tabs on 3 of the sides are bent and a bad job was done on getting them
> crimped back.  Should I try to remedy this?  Is this supposed to be a
> watertight box because of where it is located, inside the air intake ?

I agree, it's been opened, and possibly worked on, and not 
professionally. I can't do a perfect job of getting into them, but I 
usually manage to do a better job than that. Once you get the cover 
off, there should be an O-ring under there to keep it water tight. 
The cover at the end is not water tight, but water intrusion should 
be minimal and Bosch provided drains for what little gets in.

Feel free to open it up and take a look. I'll be glad to look at it, 
too, if you like. I don't know if I can fix it, but I probably have a 
better chance of success than you do. Either way, it would be good to 
learn what exactly went wrong. I'd be leaning toward something 
related to the previous intrusion.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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