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Brian Fye bfye at canyonville.net
Tue Apr 24 17:01:28 PDT 2012

Keith, if you put up pis, then start a post thread anyone can click
"gallery" under your post and it will take them to your pics even if
they are spread out.

On 4/24/12, Keith Park <topnotch at nycap.rr.com> wrote:
> Ok, took a look over on the Samba, now as I see it, there's a general say,
> "squareback" gallery, so you upload to that?  Is there anyway to have a
> gallery or something in your name so if somebody wants to see your resto
> project you can send them to a specific place?  I don't really have anything
> anywhere near as nice as Bob's blog for Wolfie, as mine would be mostly
> photos to reference but Im just not sure if that's the way to go.  It looks
> like they have a 700K limit too, and that's understandable but Its gonna
> take me some time to reduce the size of all the recent ones Ive taken.
> Anybody know of one of the online photo sites (like Picasa) or something
> like that that is easy to use??
> Thanks,
> Keith
> Top Notch Restorations
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