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Roy Pitchlynn haterracing at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 16:36:46 PDT 2012

I have a friend who has about 7000 mile on a type 1 turnkey 1600 dp and he hasn't had any troubles. However, their feedback thread on the Samba scared me away from them. It appears he builds a lot of motors though. 


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> alluringeyewear at comcast.net writes:
> Hey  group!  I am thinking of having Strickly Foreig in Oregon rebuild an  
> engine for me.  Has anyone ever had any work done by them, or heard  
> anything about them. Thanks Doug '73 Fasty FI 
> There's a guy on the Samba that just had one built by them. I don't think  
> he has any miles on it yet, as he just got it back from them earlier this 
> week  (dropped them off a 1600, and they turned it into a 1776).  
> Bob 65 Notch  S with sunroof and IRS (Krusty)
> 64 T-34 Ghia  (Wolfie)
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