[T3] Body Shop in SF Bay Area?

Mark Fuhriman mfuhriman at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 09:03:04 PDT 2012

Well, my son banged up the hood and front apron on my '69 Fastback.
He somehow popped the clutch while the car was in the garage, and it
lurched forward anto the corner of my workbench.  Nobody hurt, but the
car needs some body work now for the first time in its life.  So who
can recommend a good shop in the San Francisco Bay Area?  I think they
can probably work with the bent hood and apron, but I think I will
need a new chrome mustache on the front of the hood.  Anybody have a
line on a good used one?  I'll probably think about taking the
opportunity to get a new paint job.  Right now it has its original
Toga White patina.  Any suggestions, please?  Thanks!

'69 Fastback
Orinda, CA

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