[T3] Fuel pump and Wiring

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Wed Jan 4 14:40:24 PST 2012

On 4 Jan 2012 at 13:33, Adriel Rowley wrote:

> >>> From: jadney at vwtype3.org
> >
> >>> Noisy pumps usually mean a restriction in fuel feed to the pump. At
> >>> some point I suspect this might blow a fuse, but I've never seen it
> >>> get that bad. The first thing to check would be to pull off the hose
> >>> to the pump inlet and just see if you get a good flow of gas out of
> >>> that hose. It should be a pencil diameter stream that comes out
> >>> disturbingly fast.
> >>>
> Pencil size, but hard to tell the shape. Disturbing is right, and also
> painful on my skin. Have yet to find a place that sells the blue or
> purple gloves, anyone know a source?

If pencil sized, the supply to the pump input is fine, so you can 
move on, as you have done.

> I ended up testing the two pumps I have, but they both leak from the crimped
> cap. In reverse, does not leak. Is this something that I need to have you fix?

I replace that small cap on the side as part of the partial rebuild, 
which just deals with the pump head and costs $75 plus return 
shipping. If there are also leaks around the motor housing and/or 
electrical connector then the cost goes up to $125 plus return 

Yes, you would need to send me the pump(s) to get this fixed.

> For the test, I got diesel and put some in a bucket enough to cover the pumps.
> I had a fuel pump lead with connector that was long enough to reach the rim
> of the bucket. I did run the spare pumps forwards and back
> several times to be sure they were cleaned out. No discoloration was present.

Other than the leaks, that sounds fine.

> Per Jack's idea, I also tested the current fuel pump, and got the same results.
> It just shakes all over the bucket, but no pumping. In reverse, it was pumping
> out a milky color, unlike the other two. This is the same milkiness that was in
> the fuel. Not sure if it is on theSamba, but can link it if desired.

I don't know what the milkyness might be, unless it is finely broken 
up water droplets that look foggy. Any chance you have water in your 
tank? If so, the water will collect in the pump and damage things in 
there, possibly explaning why it won't pump now. It should be 
fixable, but the sooner the better.

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