[T3] Oil Shocks?

Max Welton max_welton_2k at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 17 21:15:15 PST 2012

I'm quite certain I tightened the lower nut with the shock extended. 

Hopefully there are some new Boges in my future and I can do it right this time.

Max Welton

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> On 17 Jan 2012 at 18:31, Max Welton
> wrote:
> > Over the last few weeks the right front has started
> making a squeaking
> > noise, particularly in the cold. I gave the front a
> bounce with the
> > shock disconnected, no more squeak. It is definitely
> the shock. 
> Can you tell where the squeak is coming from? If it's from
> the rod, 
> then there may be nothing you can do about it.
> But if it's at the lower mount bushing, it may be because
> you 
> tightened that nut when the wheel was in the air. That nut
> should be 
> tightened with the wheel on the ground, so the torsional
> stress in 
> the rubber is neutral most of the time and goes in either
> direction 
> as the wheel bounces up or down.
> This is a common mistake, but VW was pretty clear about
> it.
> If that's your problem, it may be too late for this shock:
> The 
> bushing has probably slipped now and worn and will never be
> tight 
> again. A new Cofap may, correctly installed, may work
> perfectly.
> > So I'm looking for a source for Boges, or any other
> suitable oil
> > shock. 
> The quality of the OE VW shocks was incredible. Most of
> mine are 
> still good, and I'm careful to save old ones that are still
> good when 
> I part out a dead car. Some of my shocks are on their
> second car, 
> having outlived the first.
> Even if you could find Boge shocks somewhere, you'd
> probably get ones 
> made for beetles, although beetle front shocks will not be
> much 
> different from Type 3 fronts. If you want OE quality,
> consider 
> looking in junkyards. Old ones are either good or bad;
> there is no 
> "weak." You can tell a bad one instantly if you just stroke
> it a 
> couple of times. (You have to have them right side up when
> you test 
> them.)   
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