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This  sounds good, and I assume Keith and Bob can work things out to
meet with  us. I doubt if Marilyn wants a big crew there for overnight
again, but it  would be great if she wanted to join us for the trip.
The lighter days  sound good to Melissa and me, but we're both retired

The  lighter days would also be good if we have a larger caravan,
because more  cars increases the odds of some kind of problem along
the way. Along those  lines, Gary's idea of bringing his motorhome and
towing his '69, and having  the possibility of a tow vehicle might
turn out to be handy, but let's hope  it's not.  ;-)

Gary and I could meet up with you somewhere in  mid-Illinois.
Jim ....  another possibility (for us Wisconsinites,) might be:  Hwy. 151
from  Madison, Dodgeville, Dubuque to Iowa City to meet up with the caravan,
mid-  to late afternoon, at the Iowa City "overnight" motel.

Going directly  south (I-39) from Madison to the I-80 "corridor" to meet the
caravan  mid-day, then west to Iowa City would be taking two legs of a
triangle (283  miles)... rather than one (diagonal) leg of 176 miles.   Your

It would be no trouble for me to come to Madison,  "prep" & load the T3 a
few days early.  My '69 would still  probably be just "coming out of  winter
storage" from the airplane  hanger in Oregon (WI),  And then the run to Iowa
City would be an easy  day.  3 to 4  hours.
Excuse my  ignorance, but can someone explain "the Wolfie Compound".  Y'all
experienced, T3 veteran, Invasion-ites (is that a word) probably,  know what
that means, but as a "newbie", I don't.   ????
John J.
In  addition to your (albeit preliminary) plans about city-to-city, would it
be  possible for you to add information like Day; Date; Depart; Arrive  &
Route.  I realize that's "pie in the sky goal", and there needs  to be
flexibility, due unforeseen events, weather, (don't say it --)  breakdowns),

Day     Date   Depart               Arrive
1       6/18   Dearborn (8:00am)  Iowa City (5:00pm)   I-94; I-80
2          6/19   Iowa City (7:00am)   N. Platte (6:00 pm)   I-80
3          6/20   N. Platte (8:00 am)   Co. Springs (3:00 pm)   I-80; I-25

...... or something.  (Excuse my "anal-ity",  please).  I did meeting
planning for a Fortune 500 corporation for  several years, and "the devil
was in the details".

I'm confident  that as the Invasion date gets closer & the caravan plans
evolve,  you'll have more information.

I may end up joining in here somewhere, and go that route (caravaning with  
John). But, something to think about Gary, we're on the EAST side of Gary  
IN/Chicago, and traffic thru there can change in a heartbeat. :O 
However, if we could do a meet up in the La Salle area, then OFC Doug (the  
guy with the blue and white 66 T-34) could join us, IF he's going to the  
Invasion. He's in Spring Valley, which is just west and south of La Salle, 
off  of I-80 (our main route). If he decides to not attend, then we can 
continue west  on I-80.  

Bob 65 Notch  S with sunroof and IRS (Krusty)
71 Notch (Krunchy)
64 T-34 Ghia  (Wolfie)
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