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On 19  Jan 2012 at 12:11, Gary Forsmo wrote:
> Excuse my ignorance, but can  someone explain "the Wolfie Compound". Y'all
> experienced, T3 veteran,  Invasion-ites (is that a word) probably, know 
> that means, but as  a "newbie", I don't.  ????

Russ Wolfe was one of our most  treasured members up until his death 
just about 1 year ago. Russ had  worked at a VW dealership for many 
years and continued VW work as a hobby  even after he moved on to a 
different vocation. He was a fountain of VW  experience and 

One of Russ's last projects was a Type  3 Ghia, which he never 
finished, so a couple years ago, he sold that car  to Bob Heydt 
(BobNotch on the Samba) in the Detroit area. Bob and his wife  Sue 
have pretty much rebuilt the car from scratch, and we're all hoping  
someone will drive it to Colorado Springs.  

In Russ's honor,  Bob has named his T34 "Wolfie" in memory of the guy 
who got that project  started and gave everyone here so much of 
himself while he was alive. If  you're interested in seeing photos of 
that restoration, and have a few  days (really!) to kill, go  here:


or  just google on "had some time for the T-34 today."

Seriously, that  thread is up to 61 pages by now, but it's loaded with 
great  photos.

Actually, it was Sue that named the car, right after it "bit her". ;^) But  
Jim got the gist of it. In my signature is a direct link to the build, and  
here's the one from 2008 that Russ  
 I've been working on the car for almost 2 years now (winter work  is very 
slow and limited), in preparation of taking it to the 2012 T-3 Invasion.  
This particular car last saw the road under it's own power in 1968, when it 
had  a bad front end collision, that relegated it to an Iowa field for the 
next 25+  years. Russ bought it in 2004, and in 2008 Sue and I went out there 
to install a  set of floor pans, and the front clip. Russ rebuilt the engine 
for it (the  original), but didn't get to do much more due to customer work, 
health issues,  and all the other stuff that went with just retiring, 
including working as a  consultant for his former employer (he stayed very busy). 
He called me up right before Thanksgiving in 2009, and made me an offer I  
couldn't refuse. I first asked him IF I could ask Sue about getting it, as I 
had  a couple of other projects going on. She said yes, but we realisticly  
 couldn't get it at the time (winter was just starting around here), but 
could  come and get it in the spring (of 2010). We did go out to get it, along 
with  helping him organize his shop (took 2 days to dig the T-34 out of 
it's hiding  place). : O We brought it home and kind of assessed what we had to 
work with,  and did a little work on it, before getting ready to go to 
Carthage MO (for the  2010 T-3 Invasion). 
Once back from the T-3 Invasion, the real work happened, with  sandblasting 
and rust removal, to making patches, to pulling all the glass out,  to 
removing the body from the pan. The car was literally rebuilt from the ground  
up. I had just painted it days right before Russ passed away. My intention 
was  to drive it out there (to his house), and let him take it for a drive, 
but that  didn't get to happen. Marilyn said she'd love to drive it though, so 
I'm going  to let her do it. : ) I've still got some things left to do 
before it's ready,  but I have driven it up and down my driveway, and in and out 
of it's storage  tent, but that's it up to this point. I met my 2011 goal, 
of having it move on  it's own, and stop. : ) And my only goal left is 
taking it to the 2012 T-3  Invasion.  

Bob 65 Notch  S with Sunroof 
71 Notch ...aka Krunchy
64 T-34  Ghia...aka Wolfie,  
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