[T3] Invasion Route

Gary Forsmo gbforsmo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 16:06:27 PST 2012

*Jim --

Thanks for your comments and my continued geometry and trig education.  [?]:-)

If you wish to join the caravan for the additional 2 hours & 140 miles from
the Peru, IL area, to Iowa city, don't let me dissuade you.  All of the
information I would need is the Iowa City, overnight location, in order to
join the caravan.

Does the caravan just stop at a convenient motel on the route, or are there
plans for a specific, "overnight" motel?

Thanks.  If I had read the name Russ Wolfe ... I would have connected the
name "Wolfie" to the reference.  Because Russ was such a knowledgeable and
respected member of this T3 group, it seems fitting that friends would wish
to make a stop.  In what city did he and Marilyn(?) reside?

I began to read the 61 pages on the T34 restoration.  Got thru 3.  You're
correct.  It looks like I'll have to wait for an "all day rain" to enjoy
reading the other pages.  In Texas, that may not happen for a while.

Re: Invasion.  I'm sure we'll have time to firm up plans for joining the

Gary "Frito" - '69 Variant, FI, MT
Rockport, TX (winter)
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