[T3] *thwaaak* What Was That Sound?

John L. Morgan IV emailjohnmorgan at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 08:08:10 PST 2012


I lived in San Francisco for four years with my Fastback.  I highly
vw tenderloin
Neighborhood: Civic Center/Tenderloin
466 Eddy St
(at Hyde St)
San Francisco, CA 94109
*(415) 776-2680

The guy is German, works on VWs and Porsche.  He knows his stuff.
Otherwise, I had to take the car about 20  minutes out of town to
Fred's Garage
On Sun, Jan 22, 2012 at 1:29 AM, Mark Fuhriman <mfuhriman at gmail.com> wrote:

> '69 Fastback, Manual Transmission
> Parallel parking on a steep hill in San Francisco today.  (Yes, a real
> steep hill).  Running in reverse, going kind of slow, sort of slipping the
> clutch in and out as I ease up toward the curb and into the parking space.
>  Then all of a sudden a loud *thwaaack* sound from under the car startled
> me.  99% sure from the transmission area.  Sounded like some kind of gear
> tooth slip.  Freaked me out, but I got parked OK and made it home later no
> problem.
> I had a look underneath later and found nothing obviously loose or
> otherwise amiss.  Is something loose or broken?  Or crooked?  The
> transmission has always worked fine over the 12 years I have owned the car.
>  Don't worry about it?  Thanks for any ideas.
> Mark
> '69 Fastback
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