[T3] color discovery and video up date

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
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Dennis, there would have been a silver paper sticker on the side of the
spare wheel well with the paint code, but they have often been lost.  You
can still find out what colour it was originally if you can find a 3" x 1/2"
painted metal plate rivetted on the front panel, the same panel that has the
VIN number aluminium plate.  It looks as if it's still there, on your latest
video, at the left end of the front clip shelf.

It has embossed numbers on it like 12-3-4567, which tell you the day it was
scheduled for production, and stamped across the left end (either side of
the rivet) is a number.  12 is Clementine (paint code L20D) and 07 is
Brilliant orange (paint code L20B).   If the plate is there, you should be
able to work out which number it is.  The paint shop will be able to mix to
the code.

I assume the VIN number starts 312 (1972) rather than a 311 (1971).

There's a photo of the production plate at
It's attached to the body before painting, so is body colour.

UK VW Type 3&4 Club

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My parents told me when they bought the FB new in 72 that the dealer told
them it was Clementine orange. We always called the car Clementine. I went
to looks on Samba's color chart for more info when I go to have the paint
mixed here soon. According to them there was no Clementine orange offered in
72.  And the years before there was only a color called Clementine that
looks more red than what I have  here.  There is one color that looks like
what we have offered in 72 called  brilliant orange.  So I'm guessing this
is what the color really is and the dealer didn't know what they were
talking about.  We will still call her Clementine however since that's been
her name since she was new.  Anyway here is the latest video update for this




Dennis Stiefel

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