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Haven't really had the chance to really work on the 69 squareback I just bought yet but hoping to do so once a work project is done and when its stopped raining here. As I mentioned before the PO said there was something wrong with the fuel system before the car sat. Unfortunately, instead of focusing my attention on getting that fixed first, I've killed time during my lunch breaks by buying stuff online. Bought the following:

- Goodyear Assurance TripleTreds 195/65/15 - I know its wider than stock but hopefully it won't rub since I will keep stock height. I put them next to the stock tires today when I got home. Wow, its a lot wider. Which I intended, but hoping I didn't make a bad decision.

- KYB GR2 shocks for the rears, couldnt fork out for the Bilstein HD's

- Interstate MT-42 battery, couldn't fork out for the Odyssey 1200MJT
- NGK B5HS spark plugs
- Bosch 09004 spark plug wires
- 69 owners manual
- Bentley manual

Next steps are to:
- Take out gas tank and have it boiled.

- Take off calipers and send to Jim for rebuild
- Try to see if I can get the ignition lock as well as all the handles taken off to send to Jim or Gabe to be rekeyed to all match. The PO gave me four keys. 1 of 1, and 3 of another. Unfortunately, the 1 of 1 broke the other day when I just barely tried to turn it in the ignition. Took the two pieces to a local locksmith to see if he can make a key out of it and he did. But 

it didn't turn the ignition. Is it possible to take off the ignition lock without a key? If so, any links that would walk me through how to do it and the door and hatch locks as well?
- Try to find a set of stock wheels to sandblast/powdercoat myself at a local techshop I have access to (don't want to mess up the original ones to the car)
- Carpet is super stiff. Like for the fronts, they have curled inward off the sides. Need to look into softening them up and try to reshape them back into place

- Get the scoop from Max on how the Boge shocks from ISPWest are for the fronts
- Last but not least, try to read through the Bentley. I'm not a wrencher at all and as you can see from the above, I tangented off of just trying to get her up and running first. My way of procrastinating. Need to stay focused.

If theres anyone local to San Jose, CA that is working on their car that I can somehow help with/shadow/learn from at the same time, please let me know.

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