[T3] 72 type 3 progress report

Dennis Stiefel dlstiefel at dekalbk12.org
Thu Jan 19 13:18:07 PST 2012

Sorry I Got that last reply messed up let me try to make it more readable.



*Let me see what I can find in the way of other distributors here. 

*Maybe I can come up with a cheaper solution for you. You say the dist you
sent me came from a different car; what about the dist from your fasty?


*All the engine parts from the FB are long gone. It's a long story why and I
won't bore you with it.


*Is your fasty MT or AT, the distributors are slightly different. I'd like
to give you the best option possible.


It has a MT


*I'm assuming that you'd like to keep this as cheap as possible. 


Yes the head situation has already got me worried. I think the case is good
but if it is bad then money will be real tight.


*BTW, your clock and speedo looked so awful that once the clock worked, I
decided to see if I could refinish the bezels. They're done now and they
look great. The *look so good, in fact, that you might want to consider
sending me the 3rd gauge so I can finish it to match. I wouldn't charge
much, and there's no extra charge *for the extra work on the clock and
speedo. If the 3rd gauge had been here so I could have done all three at the
same time, I would have refinished them all for *free. As an alternative, I
could tell you what paint I used and you could do it there. What I found was
a flat black, but a semi-gloss would probably be a better *match to the OE.
I think the flat black may actually be a better choice to reduce glare.


*The clock is oiled and running and I'm adjusting it, but that's a slow


Ok the fuel gage is the only gage left from the FB and works but I suppose
we could send it and let you go through it. I also have the one from the SB
where the other gages came from. If you want I could send both and you just
keep one of them unless you don't need it. If the news is bad on the engine
stuff I could beg him to sell me that 73 SB from that guy I got the 72 SB
from.  But even if I can work out a deal with him don't know if we would be
any better off. It does have the FI on it still and I think the distributor
but can't say for sure because I haven't seen it in a while.  




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