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I got a new one.
What is the best way to insert it?
My  current cable and pull to open
the trunk work fine.
I see that there are  rivets that attach
the new cable and pull to the cardboard.
What is the  best order of operations
to do this without messing anything  up?

Are you going to re-use your existing cable and handle assembly? If  so, 
you'll have to drill out the rivets, and attach them to the new glove box.  
Just so you know, there's a band underneath the box, held by 1  screw (it 
holds the glove box in place). Remove it, and the band, along with a  screw 
(or 2 I think) on the inside of the old GB (it goes thru the  box/latch 
sideways into a support on the dash), then remove the box from  the back side of 
the dash. The new one will go in the same way, but in a  reverse order.

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