[T3] Turn Key Type 3 1600 For Sale (Colorado)

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
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You might be SHOCKED to find out how much gas a 2L uses going up the big
hills!  If I lived in Denver Id be looking for something bigger too, I was
"winded" on the last leg to the invasion but Id worry about keeping the T4
cool at the higher elevations, my problem was with getting enough cooling
air, the oil ran too hot but the heads were cool...  Ill run an oil cooler
if I do this again.


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I may have been a little dramatic with my description of its abilities. I
was keeping up with traffic. I just don't have the ability to accelerate on
the straightaway like I would like. 

As far as highway cruising, 70 is where it likes to speed with the ability
to go 75 in a passing situation. The only problem with that is that the
speed limit is 75 and everyone goes 80. I would like the ability to cruise
75 and still be able to pass if need be. 

Between Colorado Springs and Denver there is monument pass. In either
direction I am limited by power to 60 to 65 mph. This is a nuisance. In my
area there is just too much common elevation change to justify being on the
highway. I don't want to speed, but I would like to keep up. The 1600 isn't
the way and I have the ability to change that. 

As far as "living in the alps" I am at a base altitude of 6300 in the
valley. That takes a toll right there. Ute pass is the nearest country drive
that climbs to 9300 ft in 20 miles. On the way to Denver you climb to a
little over 7100 ft in 20 miles. That is just a lot of hill climbing for a
lowly 1600 in a 2000 lb square. 

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