[T3] Dual Carb Shift Vacuum

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I do know where another set of IDF/DRLA shorty manifolds are. I  could get
those, drill and tap all four barrels and do it in such a way  that I could
combine the 2 ports on either side before they connect to the  balance tube.
You are suggesting a rather large OD hose used as the balance  tube? 

I've seen the later balance tube set up, and the fitting on the  manifold 
looks like an "F" shaped tube set up. It starts out as 5/16ths, then  opens 
up to 7/16ths (or their metric equivalents). This might get you what  you're 
looking for. Keep in mind that the FI had it's pickup point in the rear  of 
the IAD, and it pulled air from all 4 cylinders.

Bob 65  Notch S w/Sunroof and IRS aka Krusty
64 T-34 Ghia aka Wolfie
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