[T3] heater thermostats

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Sat Nov 1 12:43:09 PDT 2014

I *Think* I get more flow with the obstruction of the thermostats not in the
airflow anymore, I seem to have a good defrost flow with them out of there.
If I could devise a way to measure flow at a particular outlet and engine
speed I could do a comparison perhaps... 


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On 31 Oct 2014 at 20:08, Keith Park wrote:

> I do get noticably more heat with the thermostats removed and the elbows
> plugged.

I'm glad you finally mentioned plugging the elbows. If you remove the 
thermostats but leave the elbows open, you'll be losing a lot of heat 

With the thermostats gone and the elbows plugged, what you get is 
hotter air but less of it. Strictly speaking, you get the same amount 
of HEAT but delivered in less air at a higher TEMPERATURE. The 
difference between heat and temperature is a difficult one to make to 
people who don't have a physics or engineering background, but the OE 
Type 3 way is the better way. It gives you more air, which makes the 
passenger compartment comfortable more quickly.

Think about your home furnace: Would you be better off if you just 
got a little bit of air out of the louvers but that air was really, 
REALLY hot, like at the temp of the gas flame that's in the furnace? 
No, what works well is a LOT of air at moderate temps so it can flush 
the whole house with heated air.

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