[T3] So I was doing an oil change....

Don Robertson donrob at yachtsales.com
Thu Nov 6 00:04:27 PST 2014

He nevertheless has the right idea...  you should never leave old oil 
in an engine over the winter.  But I don't like the idea of ever 
leaving an engine with no oil, condensation might cause 
problems.  Put some el-cheapo oil in for storage, and change it out 
in the spring before you start it..  You can save the el-cheapo oil 
for the following winter if you like, if the engine isn't run with it in.

At 09:51 PM 05/11/2014, you wrote:
>Wait a minute - back up Keith..
>Fresh oil going IN for winter storage? That's just not right ;-)  That fresh
>oil will not be so fresh oil come springtime after sitting in that freezing
>crankcase all winter...
>Take the hot oil out - remove and cleanout the screen - put it all back
>together without the oil - then come springtime, right before startup;
>install the oil.
>Now that's a fresh oil change!
>Dave Pallo
>'72 Square ~ Elwood
>Fairport, NY

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