[T3] Front Oil Seal and High Rev

J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 3 18:04:32 PST 2014

I won't go back to the "car won't start" saga...but as it all started when a muffler shop guy, who didn't know how to drive an old VW, went to drive my car into the shop (to weld on a shop-made tail-pipe) and revved the engine for about 5 seconds at higher rev than I ever heard. (Shop manager then asked me to do the drive-in myself.)

After that, on the way home, there was hesitation while accelerating, and then a week later total stall out.   All that seems fixed now.   After many adjustments and fixes and replaced stuff, the car seems just fine. No hints of trouble.

...EXCEPT...I notice oil leakage below, in just the places that indicate a problem with the front (to front of car) engine oil seal.

Question now is:     Would a violent 5 second rev (of a warm engine with proper oil level) tend to blow, or loosen a front oil seal?  (Count off five seconds to see how l o n g that rev was.  It was nuts.)   I thought he was doing some expert muffler shop thing to clear soot from the muffler or something. (My first time ever at a muffler shop.)

Would that indicate that the seal was at the end of it's career anyway?

PS:  I tightened the oil cooler nuts, and other nuts all over, in case of leakage. Will see how it goes.

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