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Well,  the 009 is about the worst choice so anything other than that is  an
improvement. You really want the distributor that matches those carbs,  if
they are stock then probably the 66-7 distributor would be the best  choice,
if aftermarket you can only guess, probably a 69FI distributor and  just not
use the vacuum can as there is nowhere to properly hook it on  the
aftermarket carbs.


They are stock Solexes. off a  '67 SB.  Thanx, everyone---I will pass this
on to  Jason.

Keep in mind that a 66 or 67 stock distributor will be a vac advance  only, 
and might not plat nice with the AT.
It might be worth doing some investigation work on what the European  cars 
(that had carbs and AT) used. I only mention it, as other countries got  
both carbs and the AT combo. The USA only got FI and AT together. Just a  

Bob 65 Notch  with Sunroof
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