[T3] Sputtering on hills and uneven fuel at speed

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
Wed Oct 1 17:13:37 PDT 2014

Sounds very like something is disturbing the fuel flow.  Had you run it low?
Have you a good vent pipe on the filler neck, or has dirt and water got in?
Pull off the hose downstream from the filter - what comes out, and how
quickly?  When was the filter last changed?  If all that seems OK, maybe
there's a problem with the pump or fuel pressure regulator.

Of course, it could be in the ignition circuit!  We tend to assume problems
with the most complicated part of the equipment, but it could be a dirty
plug, or dodgy lead etc.

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My daily driver didn't drive this day. Yesterday after my normal commute (10
miles highway) she started sputtering and coughing a bit on acceleration.
Drove it home last night and noticed some unusual behavior - at highway
speeds my gas foot was steady, but her speed was fluctuating about about
10mph here and there. You could feel and hear it increasing and decreasing
slightly while at highway speeds. This morning started up fine as usual but
climbing up the big hill to my kids school immediately hit major sputtering
and coughing. ground leveled out and she was ok again, more or less. drove
back down hill and around the block a few times and it still felt unreliable
so I took my bicycle to work instead (and got a flat but thats for the bike
forum). Other factor is I just threw a few gallons of gas in the tank before
this happened yesterday. (bad gas?) or perhaps ready for a new fuel filter?
or perhaps god forbid a new fuel pump (ouch).
Anyway, she turns 45 years old this month, so need to keep this a daily
driver. Got a little sister for her this weekend too, but it's a
water-cooled .....
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