[T3] A second or next car ?

Soren Jacobsen snj at blef.org
Sat Jan 17 00:25:27 PST 2015

> On Jan 16, 2015, at 8:10 PM, J. Jonik <j_jonik at yahoo.com> wrote:
> What's the consensus on what a SECOND CAR ought be if one puts their antique T 3 in a garage for the winter, or doesn't trust it for long trips?

Whoa whoa whoa.  Doesn't trust it for long trips?  The consensus there is that you should fix up your jalopy and chuck that fear into the sea.

> What's the closest match for usefulness, dependability, parking ease, outside visibility, and etc?...not to mention narrowness so you don't stick too far into the street to avoid side-swiping problems...AND so you can squeeze through traffic blockages, etc.

An aircooled Bug.  They're still plentiful, cheaper/easier to buy parts for compared to a T3, and existing mechanical knowledge transfers over extremely well.


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