[T3] A second or next car ?

J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 16 20:10:11 PST 2015

What's the consensus on what a SECOND CAR ought be if one puts their antique T 3 in a garage for the winter, or doesn't trust it for long trips?   What's the closest match for usefulness, dependability, parking ease, outside visibility, and etc?...not to mention narrowness so you don't stick too far into the street to avoid side-swiping problems...AND so you can squeeze through traffic blockages, etc.   

I see some VW Golfs, ten or so years old, that kind of have the same sensible shape, and aren't too big to park in smaller spaces etc.  Are they favorites?  Any re-call problems or the like?    

It seems that most cars on the road are Four Doors...for some reason.  Why?  What's wrong with just Two Doors?...unless you have passengers often who'd have trouble climbing into the back?      There's still the center pillar for some protection from t-bone crashes either way.

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