[T3] video of possible 70 FB project

Mike Fisher fisherfarms at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 07:13:01 PST 2015

The more students you expose to these total rebuilds the better mechanics
you will graduate!  I will ship you anything I have for it.

On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 6:38 AM, Dennis Stiefel <dlstiefel at dekalbk12.org>

> Like you said, Dennis, the car looks rust-free and straight, but there's a
> lot of work there still. The interior is a disaster, and the engine will
> need a carb-ectomy. That center-mounted carb has got to go. Those were just
> terrible.
> The black bumpers aren't too bad: At least they match.
> I'm afraid most people buy a car based on how it looks, so if you get this
> up and running nicely, which I'm sure you can do pretty easily, it still
> won't sell unless it also looks decent. Do you have any spare parts, like
> seats, dash, vinyl panels, etc from your other '72 that would fit in there?
> (Seats and carpet changed in mid-72, so if your parts car was an early '72
> it would make a good donor.)
> I've got much of what you might need up here, but I don't know how I could
> get it to you, unless you were willing to drive up and get it.
> There are probably lots of closer places that would also have those parts.
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> The car comes with a new dash pad 2 sets of seats a set of door panels
> another, quarters, fenders, doors, and a good bit more type 3 parts. What
> you see in the video is not all of what goes with it.  I agree on get rid
> of
> the carb but it has a 1776 with 041 heads and a mild performance cam so
> going beak to FI would be a lot. I ran this exact kind of carb on
> clementine
> during her hot rod days. It actually work well but I hated that stupid
> bubble on the engine lid. I still prefer the FI on her now. Will probably
> stick with what this 70 has now as it will be to give the student a project
> and maybe make the school a little money.
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