[T3] Dual Carb Linkages-Aftermarket

Jaime Gurrola elpuerco66 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 14:41:01 PDT 2015

     For the non-purists on the list only.  All others look away,

My question for any folks who are running the DCNF Weber carbs is what 
linkage are you using or have used and what was your experience with 
keeping it tuned and fitment?  CSP has one that looks promising but the 
geometry doesn't seem to be quite correct and all the cross bar type 
linkages I've looked at seem very bad due to the off-set between the 1/2 
and 3/4 cylinders.

The DCNF are peculiar because the have the accelerator pump on the rear 
(or front, depending on orientation) of the carb body as opposed to the 
middle of the body like in the IDF or IDA series. Ideally for these 
carbs, the linkage I am envisioning would move both throttles in the 
same direction as opposed to opposite direction like the stock linkage 
does in the PDSIT carbs.  This would be better because it would put the 
stress from the linkage arm pivot on the side with the spring on both 
carbs and minimize the stress on the throttle shaft.

WRT fitment of carbs, it appears that the body on my 68 Variant has 
sagged bit in the past 40+ years of service and I was wondering if there 
are bushings that may need to be replaced or shimmed up? And, how do I 
go about doing that exactly?


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