[T3] Dual Carb Linkages-Aftermarket

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Tue Jul 7 14:43:06 PDT 2015

I use a center pivot set up with thicker rods than stock.

On Jul 7, 2015 2:41 PM, "Jaime Gurrola" <elpuerco66 at gmail.com> wrote:

>     For the non-purists on the list only.  All others look away,
> My question for any folks who are running the DCNF Weber carbs is what
> linkage are you using or have used and what was your experience with
> keeping it tuned and fitment?  CSP has one that looks promising but the
> geometry doesn't seem to be quite correct and all the cross bar type
> linkages I've looked at seem very bad due to the off-set between the 1/2
> and 3/4 cylinders.
> The DCNF are peculiar because the have the accelerator pump on the rear
> (or front, depending on orientation) of the carb body as opposed to the
> middle of the body like in the IDF or IDA series. Ideally for these carbs,
> the linkage I am envisioning would move both throttles in the same
> direction as opposed to opposite direction like the stock linkage does in
> the PDSIT carbs.  This would be better because it would put the stress from
> the linkage arm pivot on the side with the spring on both carbs and
> minimize the stress on the throttle shaft.
> WRT fitment of carbs, it appears that the body on my 68 Variant has sagged
> bit in the past 40+ years of service and I was wondering if there are
> bushings that may need to be replaced or shimmed up? And, how do I go about
> doing that exactly?
> Jaime
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