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Hello  all,
I have a fairly new-to-me 1969 squareback, manual transmission, stock  
exhaust, dual carbed (before my ownership).
My question refers to what I  believe are the preheater or fresh air hoses. 
I saw the other day someone  trying to source them and it piqued my 
curiosity. My hoses were attached where  they go into the cabin but where they 
joined the  exhaust they were not  attached and the actual port on the exhaust 
was plugged, welded, brazed up. I  am in Texas; my "heaters" work well when, 
although not too often,  needed.  I am referring to the smaller diameter 
corrugated flex  hose.
I am not sure what the smaller, what i believe to be the fresh air  hoses, 
are for/ do and if i need to unplug my exhaust port and re-attach these  
hoses. I thought it was for the f/i system at first, but now not sure. Any  
info is greatly appreciated.
TIA, Tim Jones   
The small "heater hoses" are to help cool the heated air, and make  the 
heating system more efficient. It will still melt anything blocking the heat  
outlet though. 
It's really your call IF you want to re-install the hoses, if your getting  
enough heat that you're satisfied with it. In fact, you could improve on it 
 without the hoses by removing the 2 thermostats like Keith did on his 
Square. I  haven't had an issue without the hoses though, and I've been running 
my car like  that for 15 years now. My wife's type 3 does have them though, 
and they're  staying on if I have anything to say about it. ;-)  
Keep in mind that these are 3 season cars, and don't see winter (too damn  
much salt).
Bob 65 Notch  with sunroof

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