[T3] ANOTHER slipped belt!

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
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I don't have a truck - just VW cars!  I'm not sure I would be pleased to
find tyres developing cups - isn't that likely to be due to something wrong
in the front suspension?  Over 50 years of ownership the only time I got
uneven wear was when I changed the Beetle from its original Michelin
cross-plies (about 55,000 miles and still 4mm tread left) to Pirelli CF67
radials (bias-ply), without setting the toe-in to zero.  They wore a bit
more on the front outers. Easily sorted once I asked about it at the garage.

Front tyres on a Type 3 are more critical for directional stability and
braking - they more easily lock up than the more heavily loaded rears.
Replacing two at a time allows a single front to rear swap as the tread
wears, and the new ones go on the front.  It works for me!  YMMV of course.

VW Type 3&4 Club

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I have always rotated my tires and a good example why is on my truck if they
are not rotated regularly the fronts develop cups and this is with a
completely properly functioning front suspension ext. I have found that
there are many opinions out there on tire rotation I  say rotate them in a
way you know keeps the ware even front to back or cross pattern which ever. 

On the Speedometer off issues I have only had one car in my life that was
correct that is my 99 Chevy I bought new it is spot on with gps and with
them road signs that tell you how fast your going granted they all are not
100% accurate but I figure matching two of them is a good sign. Now my golf
which I bought new has always been about 3 miles an hour off showing that
your going faster than you actually are and that is with factory tires. I
also found with tires you get what you pay for ;-)

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I have 2 of the 185X60 on the front of my square with 2 more for spares when
I need them.  I have 205X70 on the rear.  My speedometer reads about 4 mph
fast but I'm used to it & allow for it.

On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 4:02 AM, Dave Hall <dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk> wrote:

> When you divide the tyre cost by the miles of service life, I doubt 
> it's more than one cent per mile for a set of 4.  It's not like 
> pouring money down the drain!  Think how many cents a mile the fuel 
> costs (currently about 9cts in Albany?).
> I don't rotate tyres - the wear pattern front to rear is completely 
> different.  The rears wear flat across and the fronts more rounded, 
> but the tyres have deeper tread on the shoulders. If the pressures are 
> correct and the front-end geometry is correct, they wear evenly (on 
> mine anyway).  I've read that the tyre gets a sett in the rotation 
> direction first fitted, and are better kept rolling in that direction, 
> but that may be as much of a myth as the need to rotate tyres.  The 
> only advantage (if it is one) is you get to change all 4 at the same 
> time.  I prefer half the cost at a time!
> Currently I've some budget tyres on the rears (Maxxis) and genuine XZX 
> on the front.  Lower quality tyres seem to fail on the sidewalls 
> before the tread wears out, anyway, so using them on the rear is no
> Dave
> UK VW Type 3&4 Club
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