[T3] ANOTHER slipped belt!

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Cupping on at least 4X4 Chevys seems a common problem this is a 1 owner (Being me) and I even had the front checked and verified the alignment everything is as it should be. I am on my 3rd set of tires now and did some research on this and found more often than not most owners have had the same issue and the consensus was to rotate regularly. I did on this set replace the front shocks and went with a heavy gas charged shock as there was some mention of that helping in forums guess I will see :-)

As for my air cooled vw I have to admit I have yet to ware out a set of tires. MY Square got a set of Pirelli once I got it running and on the road the bug has a set that will probably be replace that have seen very little road and been on for at least 12 years now they look great but 12 years is a bit long to try and use them once the car is back on the road again. 

Daniel Du Vall

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I don't have a truck - just VW cars!  I'm not sure I would be pleased to find tyres developing cups - isn't that likely to be due to something wrong in the front suspension?  Over 50 years of ownership the only time I got uneven wear was when I changed the Beetle from its original Michelin cross-plies (about 55,000 miles and still 4mm tread left) to Pirelli CF67 radials (bias-ply), without setting the toe-in to zero.  They wore a bit more on the front outers. Easily sorted once I asked about it at the garage.

Front tyres on a Type 3 are more critical for directional stability and braking - they more easily lock up than the more heavily loaded rears.
Replacing two at a time allows a single front to rear swap as the tread wears, and the new ones go on the front.  It works for me!  YMMV of course.

VW Type 3&4 Club

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I have always rotated my tires and a good example why is on my truck if they are not rotated regularly the fronts develop cups and this is with a completely properly functioning front suspension ext. I have found that there are many opinions out there on tire rotation I  say rotate them in a way you know keeps the ware even front to back or cross pattern which ever. 

On the Speedometer off issues I have only had one car in my life that was correct that is my 99 Chevy I bought new it is spot on with gps and with them road signs that tell you how fast your going granted they all are not 100% accurate but I figure matching two of them is a good sign. Now my golf which I bought new has always been about 3 miles an hour off showing that your going faster than you actually are and that is with factory tires. I also found with tires you get what you pay for ;-)

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I have 2 of the 185X60 on the front of my square with 2 more for spares when I need them.  I have 205X70 on the rear.  My speedometer reads about 4 mph fast but I'm used to it & allow for it.

On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 4:02 AM, Dave Hall <dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk> wrote:

> When you divide the tyre cost by the miles of service life, I doubt 
> it's more than one cent per mile for a set of 4.  It's not like 
> pouring money down the drain!  Think how many cents a mile the fuel 
> costs (currently about 9cts in Albany?).
> I don't rotate tyres - the wear pattern front to rear is completely 
> different.  The rears wear flat across and the fronts more rounded, 
> but the tyres have deeper tread on the shoulders. If the pressures are 
> correct and the front-end geometry is correct, they wear evenly (on 
> mine anyway).  I've read that the tyre gets a sett in the rotation 
> direction first fitted, and are better kept rolling in that direction, 
> but that may be as much of a myth as the need to rotate tyres.  The 
> only advantage (if it is one) is you get to change all 4 at the same 
> time.  I prefer half the cost at a time!
> Currently I've some budget tyres on the rears (Maxxis) and genuine XZX 
> on the front.  Lower quality tyres seem to fail on the sidewalls 
> before the tread wears out, anyway, so using them on the rear is no
> Dave
> UK VW Type 3&4 Club
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