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Sat Jul 11 09:28:34 PDT 2015

Hello again, I wanted to thank everyone for the responses; I think it was Jim or maybe Bob who said don't worry about the hose and they have been running for years w/o it. I appreciate that; my heat works great although I don't need it often, if ever. I think I will cap/plug the inlets into the manifold into the cabin/thermostat housing just to keep any unwanted elements out, unless someone thinks i should leave that open to fresh air for any reason.
Gary, I'm in Burleson+ south of the DFW area but a suburb of. I actually met my wife near Rockport/ Fulton. She worked for DuPont in Corpus and I was stationed on a minesweeper out of Ingleside, TX. We used to love going to the Boiling Pot and the various oyster spots in Fulton. And Mamma Mia's in Corpus; Best Italian ever! And I'm Italian originally from Northeast so I am very opinionated about good food!
Thanks again everyone, and have a good weekend
Tim Jones 		 	   		  
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