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Hello  again, I wanted to thank everyone for the responses; I think it was 
Jim or  maybe Bob who said don't worry about the hose and they have been 
running for  years w/o it. I appreciate that; my heat works great although I 
don't need it  often, if ever. I think I will cap/plug the inlets into the 
manifold into the  cabin/thermostat housing just to keep any unwanted elements 
out, unless  someone thinks i should leave that open to fresh air for any  
That was me. I'd pull the thermostats out of the mixer boxes, then  cap the 
upper openings. Right now, you're spilling some heated air out of them  
without the cool air hoses in place (when they warm up and open). On my own 
car,  I've got insulin test strip bottles in there to plug them off, as they 
fit  perfectly inside the open end. I mainly did it to keep bees and stuff 
from  making a nest in there. But you could use some aluminum foil tape to plug 
them  as well.

Bob 65 Notch  with sunroof

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